Wink Piece
16 blocks : 90*90*225cm, Wood, Blueback 
Contract : A4 Laser print and hand writting 
Selfportrait : Baryta print mounted and framed 

The process was simple: the performer (the artist) would engage with strangers in the street by simply winking at them in order to generate a human connection. Anyone who winked back would automatically also become a participant in the performance, their photograph serving as a record of the connection made. The performance culminated in the participant signing a contract.
Through Wink Piece, Lignier elicits reflection and dialogue on the nature of human connection in our increasingly digitized world. He asks us to review the authenticity of our interactions, inviting us to consider how we behave online. The artist does not seek to criticize virtual interaction but rather to challenge it or the individual user-by encouraging reflection on how each of us navigates social media and networking platforms: how do we act online? And, as a result,how does our behavior change offline? ls it the tools or our behavior that sets the tone? Who is pulling the strings that determine our actions? And finally, what does what we see in our feeds say about us?
Text by Georgina Casparis

All rights reserved 2023 © Augustin Lignier