Note on work
Fujiflex print mounted on aluminium box

A hole in a metallic tube, a text emerges on the back, not intentionally placed, revealing the artist’s profound reflection on his experiences working for Amazon Mechanical Turk.The image an emotional journey within the digital workforce. The metallic tube, with its industrial aesthetic, takes on symbolic significance, representing the rigid and often dehumanizing structures of online labor platforms. The hole in the tube serves as a poignant focal point, suggesting a breach or rupture in the seamless facade of automated work.The text inscribed on the image offers a raw and honest glimpse into the artist’s emotions during his engagement with Amazon Mechanical Turk, a complex blend of frustration, dehumanization, and a paradoxical sense of liberation. It prompts viewers to reflect on the blurred boundaries between human and machine, the impact of digital platforms on individual autonomy, and the harsh realities of unpaid labor in the gig economy.

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