Colony of Messor Barbarus, Plexiglass Box, print on edible paper and ink, water, seeds.

Performative ecosystem that encompasses humans, machines, and animals. It delves into the intricate dynamics of a colony of ants engaged in a meticulous task within a framed installation: precisely cutting out an image of a coin from a human hand. This tableau serves as a metaphor for the multifaceted processes of image segmentation and the evolving nature of work in our digital era. Drawing bridges between the 18th-century Mechanical Turk, a deceptive automaton mimicking human chess-playing, and the Amazon Mechanical Turk, a platform facilitating microtasking for training autonomous systems, Crowdsourcing, in its expanded scope, becomes a critique of our collective behaviour within digital society. Display our unconscious contributions to the labor for Big Tech companies, prompting contemplation on our digital interactions and roles in a technologically driven world. The project provocatively challenges viewers to reassess their involvement in digital ecosystems, urging reflection on the complex processes concealed behind seemingly simple tasks. By emphasising the parallels between human, machine, and ant labor, it invites us to consider our place in a world where the lines between species and technologies blur.

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