Camera Obscura
Amazon safe, drill, analog paper framed
Variable dimension

Performative installation featuring an Amazon home safe, immerses the performer in a meticulous task within the safe—methodically drilling a hole. A sheet of sensitive photographic paper is display inside. The paper is capturing the result, a photograph of the performer. This black box becomes a metaphor for photography in our digital era, drawing bridges between the camera obscura—a darkened room with a small hole at one side through which an image is projected onto a wall opposite the hole—and our relationship with visual media within the digital society. It prompts reflection on the ways in which our perception of security and privacy may be compromised in the pursuit of capturing and sharing images. The project sheds light on the thin line between technology and human expression. It invites us to consider our place as both creators and subjects in a world where the boundaries of image-making and privacy are continually redefined.

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